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PU 400 Inside

The highest performance technology in strings in terms of power and comfort.

PU 400 strings feature an exclusive formula, where the polyurethane (PU) is impregnated at the heart of the thousands of filaments that make up the string.

This technology offers 2 main benefits:
1. Power - unparalleled elasticity (400% elasticity before returning to its original position)
2. Comfort - PU400 allows strong dissipation of shocks and vibrations

The string is highly recommended for light weight rackets under 300g.




The property of this exclusive fibre put Tecnifibre as a leader in advanced technology in string production.

The Elastyl fibre underlines characteristics which are particularly adapted for tennis. In relation to a standard polyamide, the Elastyl fibre brings:
1. More power: 12% more elasticity than a standard polyamide
2. More Resistance:10% more resistant to heat (friction from grommets / string)
                            33% more resistant to abrasion (friction from mains and crosses)

Used for X-One Biphase, NRG2 and XR3 to bring out the power potential!


Biphase Process

A process which allows increased durability of strings without the need of increasing the diameter or the composition of the string. It is the result of many years of research.

The Biphase process is a “pre-stretch” of the matrix in the production process. It results in perfect harmony and a optimial alignment of microfilaments inside the string. The result is a 20% increase in durability. This technology has been adapted for the premium string range (X-One Biphase).



Thermocore Technology

An innovation in the polyester string process which allows the reduction of shocks and vibrations linked with the use of hard strings.

Thermocore uses variations of temperatures in steps in order to allow the stretching of the matrix. This guarantees a string which is:
1. More flexible than 2nd generation co-polyesters
2.More tolerant in the case of off-centre hits in order to avoid frame breakages…often the case with this type of string
3. Easier to string for the stringer

The technology has been used in the BlackCode string.


Tour Player Engineered

Directly inspired from racket preparation for professional players.

The integration of silicon in the lay-up during the production process limits bad vibrations due to frequent use of polyester string. The result is a more comfort from your racket.

This technology has been adapted for all rackets which weigh 300g or more.




A more powerful racket designed for an aggressive and fast game.

A revolutionary shaft design for a 10% increase in stiffness* without sacrificing comfort and control.

* in relation to a comparable beam.

The result is:
1. Increased power
2. Stability upon impact

Adapted for all the new T.Flash 2012 rackets range.



VO2 Max - Carbon Stabyl

A more stable racket designed for a game based on control.

Ultra dense carbon braids (at 30/60/90°angles) increase the stability of the racket upon impact. Located at the shoulder level of the frame, this technology enables control and stability.

Adapted for all the T-Fight 2012 rackets range.

Link to International Site www.tecnifibre.com
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